United States Snipe Championship Trophies

U.S. Snipe National Championship

Commodore Charles E. Heinzerling - First place skipper   

Carolyn Nute - Highest placing married couple

Eleanor Williams - Highest placing woman skipper or crew

Harold Griffith - Low Score Crosby + Heinzerling

Macklanberg-Duncan - Race Committee Chair

Masters Endurance - Oldest skipper

Portage Lakes Yacht Club - First place crew

Slausen Memorial Second place skipper and crew 

U.S. Snipe Junior National Championship

US Junior National Champion - Commodore Owen E. Duffy (previously Valspar) Trophy 

US Junior National Crew - Harold Gilreath Trophy 

US Junior Skipper with Non-junior Crew - "Old Man" Diaz Trophy

U.S. Snipe Masters National Championship

United States Masters Championship Blodgett Trophy

U.S. Snipe Women's National Championship

United States Snipe Women's National Championship Trophy 


+   Women's Nationals Full Regatta Results

District 1 North Atlantic Trophies

District 1 Championship - Lake Mohawk Trophy

District 1 Junior Championship - Commodore Hook Trophy 

Atlantic Coast Championship Trophy 

Bolde Mothers Intergalactic Championship - Commodore Robert A. Johnston Trophy 

Colonial Cup Trophy - Annapolis, Maryland 

Championship of Lake Ontario - Briody Memorial Trophy

Frigid Digit Trophy - Annapolis, Maryland 

New England Championship Trophy 

District 2 West Central Trophies

District 2 Championship - William K. Kilpatrick Trophy 

District 2 Championship Crew- Suzi Towles Trophy 

District 2 Junior Championship - Commodore Hook Trophy 

District 2 Regatta Series Top Fleet 

District 2 Regatta Series Top Skipper 

Fire on the Water Classic Regatta Trophy - Lincoln NE 

Fire on the Water Junior Champion Trophy - Lincoln NE 

Missouri Valley Championship - Robert Harding Memorial Trophy - Lake Manawa IA 

Southwestern Championship Trophy 

The Norm Tanner Memorial Trophy - Bow Mar CO 

The Rocky Mountain Championship - Commodore Ed Kueck Memorial Trophy - Longmont CO 

Texas State Championships - Dallas TX 

District 3 North Central Trophies

District 3 Championship - Commodore Chalmers Burn Memorial Trophy

District 4 South East Trophies

District 4 Championship - Roberts-Seavy Trophy 

Halloween Regatta Spooks Championship Skipper Trophy

Halloween Regatta Spooks Championship Crew Trophy

Halloween Regatta Goblins B-fleet Champion Skipper

Halloween Regatta  Top Master- Hackbarth Trophy 

Halloween Regatta Top Female Skipper - Victoria Norwood Nyshay Memorial Trophy

District 6 South West Trophies

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District 7 North West Trophies

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