Want to represent the USA in an international Snipe Championship? Want to know who has already qualified...or does your club want to host a championship?

What are our Snipe International Championships?

SCIRA US sailors may compete for eligible spots at these International Snipe regattas:

  • World Championships: Held in even numbered years. Limited # of Entries for each country, based on the number of registered boats the 2 years prior. Typically 10 + for the US. Deed of Gift    
  • Western Hemisphere & Orient Championships: Held in odd numbered years.  Limited entries. Typically the US has a minimum of 5 entries + specified reigning champions/representatives. Deed of Gift.  
  • Junior Worlds: Held in even numbered years.  Limited to 10 entries for the US (as with all countries). Deed of Gift 
  • Pan American Games: Held every 4 years in the year prior to the Olympics, SCIRA-US communicates the qualifying Pan American Games Trial regatta which qualifies one mixed team. more 

Eligible SCIRA-US members race the following with no qualification regattas needed:

  • Women's Worlds: Open to any/all female teams who meet the Deed of Gift. Deed of Gift      
  •   Master Worlds: Open to any/all who meet the Deed of Gift (skipper must be at least 45; combined crew age of 80 in year of regatta). Deed of Gift      
  •   European Championship: Open to any/all globally. Deed of Gift 


See SCIRA International Major Regatta Rotation for location information


How does a sailor qualify to represent the USA at Worlds, Westerns or Junior Worlds?

Each year, the highest finishing US sailors in selected major regattas qualify to represent the USA in these limited entry SCIRA International events. Below are the regattas eligible SCIRA-USA members can sail to try to qualify for a given championship. View the number of US sailors that will be selected from each regatta and the total number of entries the US may qualify. See qualification procedure document, approved by the SCIRA USA Board. 

USA Qualification Regattas to earn a USA slot in the 2024 World Championship to be sailed in Buenos Aires, Argentina Oct/Nov, 2024


2024 Team for Snipe World Championship - qualifying events

US will have 8 teams to send
Event# BerthsDateVenueQualified
2023 Nationals3June 26-July 1Sandusky, OH
2023 North Americans2Oct 20-22Norfolk, VA tbc
2023 Don Q1March 31-April 2Miami, FL
Pacific Coast Champs2west coast

Wait list may be available. Based on rank of above regattas.

*prequalified include: World Champions, 2023 WHA champion, 2023 Women's World Champion, 1st and 2nd in 2022 Jr Worlds


2024 US Junior World Team - qualifying events

US will have 10 teams to send - sailors must not turn 22 in 2024
Event# BerthsDateVenueQualified
2023 Miami Snipe Invite1Jan 6-7Miami, FL1. Liam O'Keefe
2. Justin Callahan
2023 Jr Nationals1June 10-11Annapolis, MD
2023 North Americans1Oct 20-22Norfolk, VA tbc
San Diego qualifier1tbcSan Diego, CA
remainder by application6