Welcome to the SCIRA USA web site for classic wood Snipes! If you have questions or want to share information on wood Snipes (with planked or plywood hulls), this is your place!


Questions on topics such as restoration and repairs, upgrading, and historical information on individual boats are welcome. Records on registered Snipes currently are archived at the SCIRA organization headquarters in San Diego, CA and can be retrieved through this web site as time permits. On occasion, we plan to include articles or interviews with renowned Snipe sailors, past and present.


If you presently own a wood Snipe, send us the information on it so that we can update the membership and registration records in the SCIRA database. Information such as hull number, builder (if known), any other available information that you can provide, and your name/contact information (mailing address, tel. number, e-mail address) should be included. A form is included in this section for providing the information by e-mail, or regular mail.


The Snipe class in the US (SCIRA USA) and the international organization (SCIRA) are supported by your membership in these organizations, whether your interest is in racing or day sailing. Annual dues are nominal, and membership in SCIRA USA also includes membership in SCIRA. Volunteer hours and office time in the SCIRA USA and SCIRA offices are expended in supplying historical information and technical advice on Classic Wooden Snipes in response to your requests, and in keeping boat ownership and membership records up to date. Your membership entitles you to receive quarterly Snipe newsletters from SCIRA USA and SCIRA to keep you up to date on Snipe activities and information, and access to many other Snipe publications that are important with regard to your historic wooden Snipe and for maintaining conformance with Snipe class rules.


If you have pictures of old Snipes or events, or of your wood Snipe, we may include them if you send us a digital picture to John Rose.


More information to come soon!