What are our SCIRA USA Committees? 

The Snipe Class International Racing Association (SCIRA) USA Board establishes committees to direct day-to-day initiatives and business of the Class. All committees include the National Secretary, are led by Board members and may include volunteers.


How can I get involved?

If you are interested in joining a committee, have questions or ideas, reach out to one of the Board contacts, highlighted by an asterisk.


Our 2021 SCIRA USA Committees are as follows:

Fleet Building

Drives initiatives to help fleets around the country have resources to grow snipe sailing in their local area. Ensures we are socializing "what works" in successful fleets.

Doug Hart*

Kathleen Tocke

Lisa Pline


Website Management

Designs and manages the SnipeUSA.com website. Migrate to new ClubSpot hosted website, designing the site and establishing processes for ongoing content management that the Volunteer Committee will apply.
Holly O'Hare*
Howard Miller*
Tarasa Davis*


Volunteer Operations

Ensures the SnipeUSA website content is regularly updated. Oversees that membership fees are collected from snipe sanctioned regatta participants. Identifies opportunities for operating model efficiencies and cost effectiveness.

Mary Buckley


Next-Gen Development

Focuses on increasing Snipe sailing activity and membership of younger generations to drive ongoing viability and health of the Snipe Class.

Charlie Bess*

Lexi Pline*

Nadia Daggett*

Carter Cameron

Kevin Guebert

Madelyn McSweeney

Nikki Bruno

Olivia Wiatrowski


Finance Oversite

Ensures SCIRA USA Board activities are fiscally viable and align with the strategic plan. Provides oversight of operating finances and manages annual perpetual fund distribution request processes. Works with other sub-committees to ensure proper budgeting and funding.

Dick Davidson*

Mary Buckley*

Tarasa Davis*


Revenue & Membership

Defines the benefits of membership. This committee will ensure that membership value is communicated to the general public via the website and other communications.

Kathleen Tocke

McKynze P. Works*

Tarasa Davis*



Grows the Snipe USA donation base for initiatives within the strategic plan, including marketing of the class to our target groups (Women and NextGen), filling the gap in operational needs and funding, and expanding the principal in the Perpetual Fund.

Holly O'Hare

Howard Miller

Kathleen Tocke 

McKynze Works



Coordinates SCIRA-USA qualifier regattas and criteria to select athletes for SCIRA International Championships.  Includes identifying venues and operational support to chosen regattas. 

Gus Wirth* International Rules Vice Chairman

Jerelyn Biehl

Lee Griffith



* Indicates the contact is a SCIRA USA Board member