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2017 Minneford Trophy

2017 SCIRA US Highpoint Championship Rules

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1.    Preamble

The intent of the SCIRA US Highpoint Championship is to promote participation in Snipe Class events across the country including International, National, Regional, and District events.

2.    Eligibility

a.    Any member, in good standing, of the SCIRA US class association is eligible to participate in any and all official Highpoint Championship events.

Note: Competitors must be a member in good standing prior to the start of the first race of all Highpoint Championship regattas to be included in that competitor’s series score for that year.

3.    Selection of Highpoint Championship Regattas

a.    Each District shall select up to 5 regattas to be included in the Highpoint Championship series and notify the SCIRA US Class office of the selection.

b.    Regattas should be selected by each district prior to the first regatta within that district for the year of the Highpoint Championship series.

c.    The following regattas that are hosted by a District SHALL be included as one of the district selected events in the High Point Championship series:

a.    International or national regattas (e.g., SCIRA World Championship, WH&O Championship, North American Championship, US National Championship, Worlds or WH&O qualifiers)

b.    Regional regattas(e.g., Atlantic Coast Championship, Pacific Coast Championship, Mid-winter Championship)

c.    District Championship

4.    Regatta Requirements

a.    The Highpoint Championship series is for regattas which are sailed between January 1and December 31 of that year

b.    The regatta location, dates and contact information must be available from the SCIRA US website at least four weeks before the regatta.  For the purposes of awarding Highpoint Championship points:

i.    A regatta consists of an event scheduled to be sailed over consecutive days.

c.    Regatta results shall be received by the SCIRA US Class Association office within 30 days of completion of the event.

5.    Scoring

a.    Highpoint Series Score

i.    The Highpoint Championship series score will be the sum of all of the Highpoint Series races each eligible competitor participates in.

ii.    For the purposes of awarding prizes only, ties will be broken by:

1.    removing points first from district events,

2.    If the tie remains, then removing points from district championship and regional events, etc.

3.    If a tie still remains, the competitor who finished ahead in the highest graded, and most recent, mutually attended eligible  regatta shall be the winner, unless neither competitor faced each other, in which case the tie shall be broken by the SCIRA US Class Executive Secretary by coin flip.

b.    Regatta Scores

i.    The regatta score for eligible competitors will be calculated as Total Regatta Participants – finish position

ii.    The score for eligible competitors will not be less than:

1.    5 points for International or National regattas

2.    4 points for Regional and District Championship regattas

3.    3 points for all other regattas
(e.g., the regatta winner will receive a score equal to the Total Regatta Points) down to a minimum of three points.

iii.    In the spirit of encouraging sailors to attend Highpoint series regattas, 5 bonus points will be assigned to each eligible competitor’s regatta score at all district selected Highpoint Championship regattas not including International, National, Regional, or district championships

iv.    In the event a regatta is not sailed, for whatever reason, the paid registered competitors will receive the allocated bonus points.

v.     The finish positions of ineligible competitors will not be removed.

c.    Categories
Several categories of winners may be recognized from the overall Highpoint Championship Series Score including:

i.    The top placing skipper will be awarded the Minneford Trophy

ii.    The top placing crew will be awarded (TBD)

iii.    Recognition will be given for the following:

1.    The top placing Master skipper

2.    The top placing Master crew

3.    The top placing Women Skipper

4.    The top placing Women Crew (should this be woman crew of a woman skipper)

5.    The top placing Junior Skipper

6.    The top placing Junior Crew (should this be junior of junior skipper)

7.    The top placing Special Junior Skipper

8.    The top placing skipper in each district

9.    The top placing crew in each district

iv.    Recognition will be given to the skipper and crew who compete in the highest total number of regattas each year.

d.    The current Highpoint Championship standings will be published on the SCIRA US Class website at and updated as Highpoint Championship series events are completed and event score sent to the SCIRA US Class office.

e.    Overseeing of the Highpoint Championship series, including selection of categories to be awarded and tabulation of series results shall be the responsibility of the National Secretary or member assigned by the National Secretary.