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Minneford Trophy Results

The intent of the SCIRA US Highpoint Championship is to promote participation in Snipe Class events across the country including International, National, Regional, and District events.

  • The main goal of the new/renewed highpoint championship trophy series is to promote increased participation in events.
  • The concept is simply to track a highpoint score across a series of events that combine a total number of boats beaten for the year by any eligible class member
  • Highpoint scoring encourages members to promote their local and district events to get more participation and thus gather more points (assuming the beat more boats).
  • Scoring across a large number of events allows a member who sails the most number of events to have a chance to beat a member who sails only a few National events
  • Bonus points added to local district events to help encourage participation from both local and top sailors in these events for increased scoring and not just attendance at national level events

2016 SCIRA US Highpoint Championship Rules Approved 03-29-16

2019 Minneford Trophy

2018 Minneford Trophy

2017 Minneford Trophy

2016 Minneford Trophy