Snipe USA

District 4

District Governor: Nadia Daggett Phone: 813-527-1030
Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, Florida, North & South Carolina, Tennessee, Kentucky, Virginia & West Virginia

Welcome to District 4!

Thank you for your interest in D4. District 4 is home to a vast variety of sailing locations! Throughout Georgia, and Louisiana we have large and small lakes, as well as, large bays and ocean sailing in Florida. District 4 is a very competitive district and hosts many major regattas. We have some of the largest active fleets in the US.

I invite you join us in Serious Sailing, Serious Fun® the southern way!!!

Please keep me informed about regattas, results and other information that you want to be posted in this D-4 Section.

Fleet # – Name Captain Email List Website Schedule Facebook
7 – Miami Ken & Kay Voss Fleet 7 Facebook
52 – Charleston Chris Stang
96 – Davis Island Nadia Daggett Website
142 – Privateer
330 – Atlanta Claudia Bolles
580 – Valdosta Bucky Barrett
630 – St. Johns River (Jacksonville) Hal Gilreath Fleet 630 Facebook
801 – St. Petersburg Steve Lang Fleet 801 Facebook
828 – Birmingham Mike Papp Fleet 828 Website Fleet 828 Facebook

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