Snipe USA

fleet captains

The Snipe Class in the USA is organized into 6 Districts. *Click on your District heading below to view information about your district.

Within each District there are numerous Fleets located in major metro areas which organize and participate in weekend club racing, regattas and social activities for the family. Fleet information is located within each District page by clicking your area on the Map below.

If you are interested in forming a new Fleet please contact the National Secretary or the District Governor that covers your area.  They will be glad to help you out.


District 1
District Governor: Holly O’Hare
Maryland, New Jersey, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, New York, Pennsylvania

District 2
District Governor: Mary Buckley
Texas, Oklahoma, Missouri, Iowa, Nebraska, Colorado, Kansas

District 3
District Governor: Howard Miller
Michigan, Indiana, Illinois, Ohio, Wisconsin, Kentucky

District 4
District Governor: Nadia Daggett
Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, Florida, North & South Carolina, Tennessee, Kentucky, Virginia & West Virginia

District 6
District Governor: Doug Hart
Southern California, Southern Nevada, Arizona and Utah

District 7
District Governor: Cliff Wright
Washington, Oregon, Northern California, Montana, Idaho, Wyoming, Nevada