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Classic Snipe 8999*: X-9

Classic Snipe 8999*: X-9

Classic Snipe Database Record

Snipe #8999* “X-9”


Current Owner: John Rose

Year Built: 1952

Builder: Home Built

Hull Material: Fiberglass

MDS: N/A* see history, 8999 was previously assigned

Restoration Status: In progress

Boat Location: Tacoma, WA

Boat History: First fiberglass Snipe built 1952 by Dr. Hub Isaacks, using a wooden Walco Snipe (Wichita Kansas) for the hull and deck plugs. Built before SCIRA adopted specifications and rules for fiberglass Snipes, in 1954. Unofficially raced in Midwest Snipe regattas, 1952-54. Unknown owners in Texas or midwest from 1958 through early 1980s. Mostly stored and little used since 1980s. Current owner acquired boat from Southern California owner who had it for about 30 years, rarely sailed and used for a short time by community youth sailboat training class in San Francisco Bay area. Now identified by re-assigned hull number from destroyed 1952 Snipe. Hull is strong and stiff and fair, due to internal fiberglass stiffeners in bottom and integral fiberglass floatation tanks under foredeck and aft deck on port and starboard sides. Wooden deck-stepped mast and daggerboard setup. No MDS.

Last updated November 9, 2015

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