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Classic Snipe Database Registration

Classic Snipe Registry

  • Should be all numbers between 1 and 6 digits (ex: 1402), clearly visible and permanently marked in the hull. It may be in the centerboard trunk, cockpit floor, or other corner of the boat.
  • Does your boat have a name?
  • Owner Information

  • Required Field
  • If you are not a member of a fleet, please indicate your club or local sailing area.
  • Required Field
  • Boat Information

    Please provide as many details as possible
  • Please identify the builder of your Snipe (if known).
  • What is the primary material used in the construction of your boat?
  • Is your boat wood but sheathed in fiberglass or other material? If so you can clarify that here.
  • If your boat was recently restored what year was that completed?
  • Facility (if club, or museum), City, State
  • What can you provide us about the history of the boat? Has it been in your family for years or did you find it behind a barn? Has it won any major event? If you restored the boat tell us a bit about what was done.
  • ex: Rebuild Blog, boat page on club or fleet website, personal site about boat, etc.
  • Drop files here or
    Please share some photos, either current or historic to include. Your header photo should be cropped to 680x365 for best display.
    Would you like the SCIRA Office to pull what files we have on the boat? Note this is subject to a time availability and may take up to 6 weeks for a response during busy times of the year.
    Please check the box to indicate YES