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The SCIRA US Board, led by our National Secretary, meets quarterly to address the business of the class.  We established Committees that meet more frequently...and encourage member volunteers to participate!

  • Fleet Building
  • Website
  • Volunteer Operations
  • Finance
  • Revenue & Membership
  • Fundraising
  • Regattas / Rules & Measurement
  • Next-Gen

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Board Position Name Voting Term Joined Board


National Secretary Evan Hoffmann Y 1/1/22-12/31/24 2019 All
Vice National Secretary -Vacant- Y 2 yr    
US Chief Measurer Gus Wirth Y 1/1/22-12/31/23 2016 Rules, Regattas
D1 Governor Alex Pline Y 1/1/22-12/31/23 2022 Website
D2 Governor Mary Buckley Y 1/1/22-12/31/23 2018 Finance, Volunteers
D3 Governor Howard Miller Y 1/1/22-12/31/23 2018 Website, Fundraising
D4 Governor Taylor Scheuermann Y 1/1/22-12/31/23 2019 Next-Gen
D6 Governor Doug Hart Y 1/1/22-12/31/23 2019 Fleet Building
D7 Governor Cliff Wright Y 1/1/22-12/31/23 2016  
At Large-U30 Charlie Bess Y 1/1/21-12/31/22 2020 Next-Gen
At Large-International Qualifiers Trevor Long Y 1/1/22-12/31/23   Regattas
At Large- Class Development Tarasa Davis Y 1/1/21-12/31/22 2019 Website, Finance, Revenue & Membership
At Large-Major Regatta Resource Lexi Pline Y 1/1/22-12/31/23 2020 Next-Gen
Publisher Art Rousmaniere N 1/1/21-12/31/22 2011  
Director of Finance Dick Davidson N 1/1/21-12/31/22 2021 Finance
Legal Counsel McKynze Works N 1/1/22-12/31/23 2021 Fundraising, Revenue & Membership
Executive Admin/Sec Jerelyn Biehl N 2 year