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How Do I Join the Class?

The Snipe Class International Racing Association was formed in 1932 and proudly claims the motto Serious Sailing, Serious Fun®. With over 550 members and 60 fleets throughout the United States, as well as members in at least 28 countries around the world, you’re sure to find some of that Serious Sailing, Serious Fun® whether it be at local fleet races, at regional weekend regattas, or at national and world championship events.

As a member of the Class, you are assured of competitive racing in a strict one-design class. Measurement and racing rules are in place to ensure that all Snipe Class sailboats have identical sailing and racing capabilities, to the greatest degree possible, and that all Snipe Class sailboat races are fair tests of sailing skill at all levels. SCIRA USA also publishes a quarterly newsletter, the US Snipe Sailor, as well as a periodic email newsletter, SnipeDroppings, for the very latest activities and news. These resources give you an opportunity to read about events and activities around the U. S, while providing tips to improve your sailing skills, and a few “go-fast” tips along the way.

Various levels of membership are available, depending on whether or not you own a Snipe and whether you’d like to provide additional support to the Class beyond the basic membership fee. See the “Membership Requirements” and “Premium Membership” above for more information.

When you join SCIRA USA, you automatically become a member of SCIRA International. As a member, you will receive the Official SCIRA International Rulebook every four years and a quarterly newsletter – the International Snipe Bulletin™ to keep you up-to-date on international Snipe sailing.

Welcome to the Snipe family! We look forward to meeting you on the race course.

National Secretary, SCIRA USA Executive Administrator, SCIRA USA
Art Rousmaniere
Jerelyn Biehl
Email: 2812 Canon Street
San Diego, CA  92106
Phone: 619-224-6998