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Tarasa Davis/Kim Calnan Win Women’s Nationals

Tarasa Davis/Kim Calnan Win Women’s Nationals
August 26
14:32 2019

Lincoln Snipe Fleet 567

The U.S. Women’s Nationals tested the mettle of every crew on the water as they sailed six races over two days in brisk, sometimes challenging, conditions. Competition was cheerfully intense among the leaders and throughout the fleet of fourteen competitive crews. The U.S. Women’s Nationals was a terrific regatta–great sailing, great camaraderie, and great food.

A major feature of the regatta was culinary and social. The Lincoln Sailing Club hosts prepared magnificent, locally sourced meals and provided the sailors with an unmatched level of hospitality and support. One of the competitors is a corn farmer, and her corn supplied LSC’s home-cooked corn casserole. The corn gauntlet has been thrown down to the U.S. Snipe Fleet. Where else do U.S. Snipe sailors grow their own corn?

Sponsors of the U.S. Women’s Nationals included Robinette Farm CSA providing micro greens for the weekend salads and supplying farm fresh eggs for LSC’s own locally sourced “Regatta Ricotta Frittata” (say that fast!). A local pastry, Goldenrod, prepared a gluten-free dairy-free sheet cake for our Saturday night party and individual cakes for the top five place-winners. This was deemed the “cake regatta” as competitors raced for cake (and trophies!).

The Lincoln Snipe Fleet named two Honorary Co-Chairs of the U.S. Women’s Nationals, Mary Ann Rix and Sigrid Festersen, to recognize and honor two long-time Snipe sailors and leaders and mentors of women’s Snipe sailing throughout the Midwest. On Saturday evening both women were honored with a special recognition as Admirals in the Nebraska Navy, a designation of great significance in the state requiring appointment by the governor.

The regatta began on Friday, August 23rd with a series of practice races and a post practice dinner party. The three practice races on a shortened course gave everyone an opportunity to work on boat speed, crew work, and tactics. Branched Oak Lake offers a large venue for lake racing with courses that afford 40-minute races on Triangle and Olympic courses right in front of the clubhouse. Spectators could watch the action from the dock or from a bluff overlooking the course. LSC members also took spectators out on spectator boats for a closer look at the action.

On Saturday, the first race day, conditions were perfect for Snipe racing: 80 degrees, partly cloudy, winds at 10-15 mph out of the SE. Over the day racing conditions became increasingly intense with white cap conditions, as winds increased to 15-18 mph with gusts to 20 mph for the second and third races. The Race Committee ran two races before lunch (both Triangle courses), took a long recovery break for the sailors, and resumed with two more races in the afternoon (one Triangle and one Olympic). On Sunday morning conditions diminished to 10-15 mph on flat water. The Race Committee ran two more races on Olympic courses. Throughout the regatta the fleet was close, and tight battles took place for position at the marks.

One of the special features of this U.S. Women’s Nationals was to see local Junior and University of Nebraska Sailing Team members compete. These sailors practiced for weeks for the regatta and were prepared to sail in the challenging conditions. The college sailors gained speed and confidence in each race of the Nationals. The highest place Junior Skipper award went to Taryn Smith. The top Junior team was skippered by Hanna Reynolds with long time Snipe sailor Damaris Cano as crew.

Throughout the regatta a team of LSC “boat buddies” helped launch, haul, pack, and prepare the boats for each competitor. This group was especially enthusiastic and made sure that the competitors got in and out with ease. Extra boats were rigged and onshore ready-to-go if any of the competitors had an equipment difficulty. The boat buddies launched and put away each boat for the competitors over the weekend.

Local media took significant interest in the U.S. Women’s Snipe Nationals. LSC had authorized drone footage of the event and will post that video soon on the regatta website. Nancy Taylor (NRTainment) was the official race photographer, and her photos can be viewed at:

The Lincoln Journal Star ran a major story on the U.S. Women’s Nationals (linked here). And 10-11 News ran a local evening news television story (linked here).

The winners of the U.S. Women’s Snipe Nationals were Tarasa Davis and Kim Calnan from the Atlanta fleet. Just 1.25 points apart, Laura Dagleish and Ann Graham from Houston were second. Jen Lee and Mary Buckley from the Lincoln Snipe Fleet finished third. Keisha Meyer and Karen Disch from the Lake Carlyle fleet fourth and Peggy Fasano and Danielle Wiletsky from Colorado placed fifth. This group of leaders was tightly packed at every mark rounding and every finish, with exciting racing throughout the regatta.

The Lincoln Snipe Fleet and LSC are thrilled to have hosted the 2019 U.S. Women’s Nationals.

Will Thomas
Snipe Fleet Captain
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