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Norm Tanner Regatta

Norm Tanner Regatta
July 17
14:36 2019

The 25th annual Norm Tanner Memorial Regatta was held over the 4th of July weekend in Bow Mar, Colorado.
Sixteen teams competed from five different sailing clubs.  Eight Junior teams competed in a mini Junior regatta on Sunday morning.  Wind conditions were typical Colorado ranging from no wind to 12 knots in a matter of seconds, an occasional delay for lightning and a few 180 degree wind shifts sprinkled in to make it interesting.  In true Bow Mar fashion, the party is the priority.  Party barges played music and offered beer and water between races. Apres sailing, ceviche, chipotle salmon, anti-pasta and salmon guacamole bites were served for appetizers before the street tacos came out for dinner. 

Special guests, Peter and Connie Commette from Fort Lauderdale, Florida were visiting their daughter over the holidays and sailed with us.  Connie sailed with her daughter, Sheehan.  Peter took our Junior sailing instructor, Tyler Payson, under his wing.  Peter gave us all a treat with a debriefing of the Saturday races.  Everyone learned something but the best was yet to come.  The regatta ended with the top 4 boats finishing within 4 points of each other with a tie for 1st.  Peter showed why he is a world championship sailor with some moves and tactics that are never seen in these parts. 

In the sixth race, on a close reach to the finish, Peter could see that his next closest competitor would tie him for first if the race finished as the boats were lined up.  He purposefully slowed down to give the competitor bad air so that two other boats would beat the competitor.  Peter pushed the competitor from second to fourth while maintaining his first place position in a brilliantly executed maneuver.  It was a great education for the 19 year old sophomore from the Northwestern Sailing team, competitor Avery Zieper.  Peter told her that he learned moves like that in college.

Ryan Schubert and Alanna Fernandez won their third straight District 2 regatta this season and are on their way to win the Best Skipper Award.

Mike Slouka
Bow Mar Fleet #640 Captain


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