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Hornos/Tocke Win 2019 Snipe Nationals

Hornos/Tocke Win 2019 Snipe Nationals
July 22
11:57 2019

Diversity at the 2019 US Nationals – recap

Benja Sans photos

This year’s edition of the Snipe Class US Nationals hosted by the Jubilee Yacht Club just outside of Boston arguably drew the widest diversity in a variety of dimensions in recent memory. Sailing conditions ranged from crew sitting to leeward to hard-vang-sheeting and uber-hiking; sea states were pseudo-flat water to stink-pot-induced washing machine slop; air temperatures from 70 degrees to 100 and wind shifts that mixed up the fleet in a big way. Ages ranged from 12 to 72 with over 40% of all sailors in the under-30 age bracket – 17 of which were true “juniors” (not yet 22 years old by the end of this year) and 2 of those were skippers who finished in the top 10 (Ivan Shestopalov with Lexi Pline as crew and Tucker Week with Alex Sidi as crew). 17 fleets from 5 of the 6 US Districts were represented, showing country-wide support for the class. The gender split was just about even, with 45% of all competitors being female. To top it all off, the list of competitors also included SCIRA Commodore Pietro Fantoni. And due entirely to the generosity of a dozen Snipe owners who chartered their Snipes out for the regatta, close to ¼ of the fleet were new-to-Snipes.

And the host club and walking-distance town of Beverly town pulled out the stops on the serious fun aspect… lobster dinner, local pub-crawl, hour-long radio program that featured interviews and segments of the regatta, including Pietro’s comments of the class – with his distinctive Italian accent, he nailed it!


Oh yeah, and the racing was intense up and down the fleet, with the final top 3 having to duke it out in the final race. Tomas Hornos / Kathleen Tocke broke the numerical tie with Augie Diaz and Margaux Bacro for first, and Pan-Am games-bound Ernesto Rodriguez with Hallie Shiffman one point behind. A mere 10 points separated 4th and 7th in the 8-race series.


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