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Whittemore St John – Board of Governors Regatta

Whittemore St John – Board of Governors Regatta
July 05
14:45 2017


OK, first the beef: This year another National or International Snipe event took one of our regional regatta weekends forcing the Quassapaug Snipe Fleet 231 to host a regatta labeled the Whittemore St John/Board of Governors/D1 Championship Regatta. Why does SCIRA US and SCIRA International always want one of our weekends for a major event and then ask us how can they help increase Snipe sailing at the local level? Really.

Enough of my complaints, QSC held a great triple event! Twenty two snipes and their sailors came for what was a weekend of excellent sailing (8 races), amazing eating (5 meals!), tasty drinking (4 types of wine and a plethora of craft beer), and many hours of Dancing (DJ was paid for an extra hour!), and great socializing.

Where shall we begin? Sailing results? Not really, only those at the event really care what happened on the water. Like the lovely Celeste says: Lets start with the food, of course.

Saturday morning the sailors awoke to Kerri Wolcott’s amazing waffles. Drool baby drool! There was a passing squall, followed by the sun and a race and we moved on to a lunch of specialty Italian sandwiches from ‘Romeo and Caesar’s’ (yes there really is a Romeo and his bro Caesar). Nice. We followed that with 4 races in a gusty breeze and beautiful sun.

Dinner was Steamed Clams for appetizers followed by Lobster, Steak, Swordfish, Corn, Potatoes and Watermelon. Amazing. We took a break from eating (and sailing) to dance the night away. Mackenzie Fraser and Katie Levinson never left the dance floor, dancing every dance of the evening!

Back to the eating. Sunday morning Gerry and Tom McCabe greeted us with their amazing Quiches. Wow. After that breakfast twas hard to get the fleet to rig for racing, but three races where held after breakfast. On to lunch, Enid Gendron, prepared clam chowder with the left over clams potatoes and corn, followed by three four foot sandwiches. Wow.

So, the scoring is under dispute, some say it has errors, but here we go:

Tied for first: Quiche, Waffles and Clam Chowder.

Second:  Steamed Lobster.

Third: Grilled Steak winning the tie breaker with the Grilled Sword Fish.

We have no idea who won among the IPAs, Summer Sessions, Ambers, Lagers, Citrus Flavored beers… and the Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot, Merlot and the Cabernet because it is all gone. Where?

Racing? There were eight races. Four were won by the Fraser/Fraser/Fraser/Glivinski Hoard from Medford. The Hoard followed up the 4 Bullets with four Seconds!!! Ouch! Two races were ‘trading places’ races – a local variation of a crew race where it is up to the sailors to switch roles in their boat. Five women brought and skippered Snipes and another eight women skippered in the trading places races.

The Quassapaug ‘Get a Clew’ Award went to Max Hetherington-Young twice! The first time that the trophy has been awarded to one participant twice at the same regatta! You will have to ask Max for his version of the story.

The Quassapaug ‘Take a (Snipe) Bow’ Award was presented to Mackenzie Fraser and Katie Levinson for their non-stop dancing. Katie did admit to being a little sore on Sunday afternoon.

The Jacque Cousteau Award for Underwater Exploration, an award that we have not been able to present for seven or eight years (including the one day event when Hurricane Irene was approaching) was highly contested this year. Saturday evening saw Charlie Baywood and Kelly Buban, and Cindy Olsen and Ben Braverman tied with one underwater exploration apiece. The rest of the fleet was also only one capsize away from being contenders. In the end Charlie and Kelly triumphed by dipping their mast in the water 100 yards after finishing the last race. The rest of the fleet stayed dry. Why?

So, the lingering question is: Where were you?

Oh yeah, Cam Fraser and Liz Gliviski are the new District One, Whittemore St John, Board of Governors Champions, Congratulations!

Joel Zackin, Regatta Chair and PRO

“Mr Bubble” #29111

 2017 Whittemore St. John – Board of Governors  – District 1 Championship FINAL RESULTS
Place Sail # Skipper Crew R 1 R 2 R 4 R 5 R 6
1 30903 Cam Fraser Liz Glivinski 1 1 2 2 1
2 30904 Lee Griffith Nikki Bruno 4 3 1 1 -5
3 28542 Bob Coyle Ann Walt Stallings 2 5 -6 6 2
4 31013 John Tagliamonte Grace Olsen -10 2 3 9 6
5 26132 Simon Strauss Julie Lelek 5 6 5 3 9
6 29842 Katie Levinson Emily Lin 9 10 4 4 3
7 29499 Jennifer Rousmaniere Art Rousmaniere 7 4 7 5 -15
8 30606 Peter Wolcott Kerri Wolcott -8 7 8 8 7
9 30999 Martin Fraser Mackenski Fraser 11 -14 11 11 12
10 30600 Kevin Hetherington-Young Vivian Hetherington-Young -14 9 10 13 8
11 28442 Sue Lodico Jan Tabor -18 11 14 7 10
12 30325 Harry Wasco Alex Korn 15 8 9 12 -16
13 26026 Peter Zackin Leslie Zackin -19 12 17 17 4
14 31280 Kelly Rousmaniere Andrew Goldfarb 16 -20 15 15 13
15 29008 Venkat Chalasani Steve Braverman 6 19 13 10 -21
16 29704 Max Hetherington-Young Audrey Hetherington-Young 3 16 -19 16 19
17 31001 Jim Tomassetti Carol Tomassetti 17 17 12 14 18
18 30422 Cindy Olsen Ben Braverman 21 13 16 (23\DNF) 14
19 29964 Bob Panza Jane Panza 12 15 (23\DNC) 23\DNC 17
20 31204 Ray Schmit Margaret Lawrence 20 (23\DNC) 23\DNC 23\DNC 11
21 25911 Jurgen Holleck Christen/Brenden Holleck 13 18 18 18 20
22 26128 Charlie Baywood Kelly Buban -22 21 20 19 22

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