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2017 Georgia State Snipe Championship

2017 Georgia State Snipe Championship
March 08
11:06 2017

March 4 & 5, 2017

The 2017 Georgia State Snipe Championship was held on March 4 & 5, 2017, at the Valdosta Yacht Club in Lake Park, GA.   It was hosted by Fleet 580 and the members of the Valdosta Yacht Club.  The 9 boats that comprised the field came from Georgia, South Carolina and Tennessee.  The weather on Saturday was mild and sunny with winds in the 9-11 mph range.  Three races were completed with no injuries or spills.  Sunday morning was a little cooler but with comparable winds.  Two races were completed with only one boat turtling; no one was hurt.

Race results listed below are based on the best 4 results.

ROC:   Pat Lambert

Place Skipper Crew Home Fleet
1 Don Hackbarth Connor Milam 330  Atlanta
2 Christopher Stang Lindsay Stang  52   Charleston
3 Scott Cline Bill Simons 142  Privateer
4 William Kibler Allison Weinbecker 330  Atlanta
5 David Muhlhausen Greg Kibler 330  Atlanta
6 David Ellis Bob Thom 580 Valdosta
7 Stephen North Caleb North 580 Valdosta
8 Alan Androski Sarah North 580 Valdosta
9 Larry North Tommy Herring/Frank Norman 580  Valdosta

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