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2016 Rocky Mountain Championship

2016 Rocky Mountain Championship
September 29
15:08 2016

Thank you all for joining us for a wild weekend!  There were 17 boats competing.

We were very impressed at how many of you hung in for the wild ride on Saturday.  We welcomed the more typical Union swirling of moderate winds on Sunday.

Luckily the winds were calmer on Saturday Morning for our first Juniors races.  Maya Woeger led the way followed by Nikolai and Fabian Woeger and Garrett Summers.  Hope you all had fun!

Congratulation to Steve Tautz and Keisha Meyer for the big win, Amanda & Friedrich Woeger in second place, Doug & Rosemary McKnight in third, John & Mary Buckley from Lincoln in fourth and Martin Bebb from Oklahoma with Sheehan Commette in fifth.

A very big thanks to our Race Committee, Peter Way and team.  Great job under challenging conditions!

WOW did we get pictures!  Huge applause for the photographers!

Amanda posted pictures of the Juniors:

Susu Baker posted incredible pictures of Saturday racing and shore leave:

Nina posted beautiful shots of both days, shore leave and awards:

You must be a member of our Yahoo group to view Nina’s photos.  We’re working on getting them available to everyone and will let you know when we do.

Full results are here 2016 Rocky Mountain Snipe Championship.

Finally, if you have any comments, questions or suggestions for what we can improve next year, please let us know.

Doug & Karen


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