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2016 D2 Championship

2016 D2 Championship
July 19
08:44 2016

District 2 did something new this year.  Fleet #93 (Wichita) is down to one devoted member, James Rix.  Last year he moved “the fleet” to a different lake (Cheney) and club (Ninnescah Sailing Association) in order to try and rebuild the fleet.  Thankfully, D-2 Governor, Steve Tautz agreed to allow James to host the D-2 Championships as a fleet building exercise even though the club had never hosted a Snipe regatta before.  In order to pull it off, a few traditions were broken.  First, the D-2 Championships was incorporated into an existing mixed fleet regatta. Snipes had their own start, but there was a possibility of passing/being passed on the course with other class boats.  Next, loaner boats were provided to sailors who had never sailed a Snipe before.  This meant that we had competitors who weren’t SCIRA registered, so we made a stipulation that they wouldn’t be eligible to win the D-2 Championships.  Knowing the talent level of Snipers, we didn’t need to worry about ringers.  In consultation with Brainard, it was decided that it didn’t have to be a SCIRA sanctioned event, so some of those requirements could be waived.

This formula appears to have worked extremely well.  One of the people that borrowed a boat has already decided to purchase it.  The club was really excited to see the introduction of Snipes into the local racing scene.  There were more Snipes than any other fleet in attendance including five from Denver, so the winner of the D-2 Championships would also win the Governor’s cup, a traveling trophy dating back to the 60’s that was donated by the Kansas State Governor which goes to the winner of the largest fleet.

Conditions started out Saturday with a perfect 10 mph wind.  The RC planned on getting five races in as the forecast for Sunday looked windy.  The wind continued to build throughout the afternoon.  Benefits of picking tack skills was soon overtaken by benefits of having depowering skills.  The RC had their hands full with capsizes, but most of them were from other fleets of course.  Four races were successfully run when it was called for the day.

Gene Soltero dominated the races on Saturday with three firsts and a third.  The races second place were distributed among different folks which gave Gene a rather comfortable lead.  The battle for second was close as four places were separated by only four points.  Steve Tautz first place in the last race secured the second place over Guy Thomas, John Buckley and Martin Bebb.  After the races, instead of having pizza at the club with the other class sailors, the Snipers agreed to do our own thing and went into town and ate at a steak restaurant (that served drinks of course).  Boat borrowers learned first-hand our motto of Serious Sailing, Serious Fun.

Sunday Morning, the race committee was going to try and get a race or two in before the forecast winds got too high.  However, before the start, they were already seeing gusts to 33. Not the same conditions as the 1987 Nationals on lake Clinton for those of us that remember that zero wind week.  What can I say, Welcome to Kansas!  Most of us were grateful the racing was called off as we were still sore from the four races on Saturday.  All participants had a great time, and are planning on returning next year. Fleet #93 is far from dead.



Race 1  Race 2   Race 3   Race 4   Total
1. Gene Soltero                Dallas, TX             1              1              1              3              6
2. Steve Tautz                    Littleton, CO       6              3              3              1              13
3. Guy Thomas                  Lincoln, NE          2              5              5              2              14
4. John Buckley                 Lincoln, NE          5              4              2              4              15
5. Martin Bebb                  Muskogee, OK  3              2              4              8              17
6. Mike Slouka                   Littleton, CO       4              8              6              6              24
7. James Rix                        Wichita, KS          7              6              7              5              25
8tie. Doug Swenson        Denver, Co         8              7              8        DNS\14      37
8tie. Mark Simpson         Wichita, KS          10           10           10           7              37
10. Nicholas Lee                El Dorado, KS     9              9       DNF\13  DNS\14      45
11. Alex Baum                   Littleton, CO       12           11           9        DNS\14      46
12. Garrett Baum             Littleton, CO       11           12     DNS\14  DNS\14      51


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