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2016 Commodoro Rasco

2016 Commodoro Rasco
February 01
15:23 2016

Miami, January 30-31, 2016

Report by Julia Melton


(Photo courtesy of Blake Middleton)

1. Augie Diaz & Julia Melton, 9

2. Ernesto Rodriguez & Wilson Stout, 17

3. David Hernandez & Christine DeSilva, 26

4. Carol Cronin & Kim Couranz, 29

5. Lee Griffith & Nikki Bruno, 32

The Commodore Rasco is one of my favorite snipe regattas. It is one of the gems of winter series because of the regatta’s long history and fun traditions that are included in the event: Carmen’s amazing lasagna dinner, the video from the 50’s of Commodore Rasco, the “La Bomba Va” song we sing over the awards. What I personally find is it is all about family. Old Man Diaz and Carmen are a true representation of family and every year they open their home to competitors, race committee, and other friends who are involved in this special event.

We sailed a total of 5 races, three on Saturday and two on Sunday. Both days were beautiful Biscayne Bay light air with winds speeds reaching 8 knots at most. On Sunday we waited a few hours for the breeze to fill in and our patience paid off when it finally did in the early afternoon.

I’ve sailed plenty of regattas in Biscayne Bay and I actually really enjoy these conditions. Spotty light air means I need to work harder mentally as a crew to keep the boat going fast. Multiple facets must be considered at once. When the breeze is on and off you have to shift gears and act in the same way the winds does. Looking ahead to anticipate pressure, hand on the vang/other line adjustments and maintaining your connection to the boat are all great ways to keep the boat moving fast in these conditions.

This past weekend, I had the privilege and opportunity to sail with Augie Diaz. I have sailed with many different skippers in the Snipe class, all whom have different knowledge and perspectives of what they want for their crew to do or how they sail the boat. I really appreciate all that I can learn from a skipper and Augie is one of the best teachers I have ever had.

The Coconut Grove Sailing Club Race Committee did a super job running the races with PRO Rick Klein with the help of CGSC volunteers: Ev Hoffman, Andi Hoffman, Douglas Hyers, Susan Walcutt, Philippe Dusser, Denise Schneider, Cathy Buller, Blake Middleton, Jon Kandara and Sandrine Quenee.

There were 19 boats competing in the Rasco. Lee Griffith and Nikki Bruno placed 5th, Carol Cronin and Kim Couranz 4th, David Hernandez and Christine DeSilva 3rd, Ernesto Rodriquez and Wilson Stout 2nd and Augie and I were 1st.

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