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66th Annual Michigan State Snipe Championship

66th Annual Michigan State Snipe Championship
August 11
10:29 2014

2014 Michigan State Snipe Championship

Grand Rapids Yacht Club, Reeds Lake, MI

June 21-22, 2014

The 66th Annual Snipe Regatta and 16th Annual Michigan State Championship were held at the Grand Rapids Yacht Club nestled on Reeds Lake, East Grand Rapids, Michigan on June 21 and 22. Grand Rapids Yacht Club, established in 1931, received its Snipe Fleet charter in 1939 and the Snipe popularity steadily grew to a point that in the late 1950’s and the early 1960’s, the fleet, numbering more than 50 boats, was recognized as the largest Snipe fleet in the world.

Carl Erickson, Fleet Captain, and Rich Grant, Regatta Organizer and prior Fleet Captain, coordinated the regatta which drew fellow Snipe Sailors from as far away as Kalamazoo and Ann Arbor, MI to come to the 3rd District, 137th fleet event and share in the fun. Saturday’s Captain’s call was held around Noon with all boat captains and crew anxiously awaiting the start of the competition and also waiting to see if the encouraging morning breeze was going to continue or slowly die away as the forecast predicted.

With a 5 knot south/southwest wind lightly blowing across the lake, the first race started cleanly. Chad and Michelle Coberly were first off the line and battled back and forth with John and Geri Crookston for the lead. At the end of the first race, the Crookston’s earned the first victory of the day. It appeared that the married couples had the advantage at this regatta as it took solid cooperation and teamwork to stay ahead in the light wind conditions.

As the wind continued to slack during the afternoon and with a 3-5 knot southwest wind, the second race of the day started off cleanly. This time the Coberly’s were able to maintain their lead for this race and held off the Crookston’s to win round 2.

The fleet pulled into the yacht club to see what Mother Nature had in store for the winds and after an hour delay, the race committee called off the late afternoon races. Overall the fleet had a great time at serious sailing and serious fun on Saturday. Chad Coberly commented, “It was the Reed’s Lake swirl out there.” KC McGovern said, “I was in every hole that was out there.” Rick Douglas’ comment was, “Might have been better to swim today.” Then it was time to enjoy the Regatta’s tradition of frozen margaritas and variety of Michigan craft beers. That evening the fleet also had fun with the rest of the yacht club membership as it was the 3rd Annual Red Solo Cup Party and cardboard boat regatta. It was an evening where the younger YC membership tried their skills at constructing a boat out of cardboard and duct tape and then had to race in a match race format. Spectators and racers alike had fun during this event!

Sunday morning the fleet arrived at the yacht club to a flat lake with no sign of winds. The forecast called for 0-5 knots variable, but the race committee couldn’t find any wind on the water. After an hour delay, unfortunately the Sunday races were cancelled. Then it was up to the Scoring Committee to tally the results. Rich Grant got online to verify the rules which outline how to determine the winner in case of an overall Regatta point tie, which was the case between the Coberly’s and Crookston’s. The rules state that in case of an overall point tie, the next tie breaker goes to who has the most first places (again a tie), then the next tie breaker goes to who beat whom most often (again a tie), then finally the last tie breaker goes to whoever had the best finish in the last race. And with that final determination, Chad and Michelle Coberly earned the title of 2014 Snipe Regatta Champions.

Overall the weekend was full of Serious Sailing and Serious Fun!

Finish Captain Crew
1 Chad Coberly Michelle Coberly
2 John Crookston Geri Crookston
3 Rich Grant Donny Marwin
4 Matt Heywood Cherie Schaafsma
5 John Corbett Justin Cramer
6 KC McGovern Carla Grant
7 Carl Erickson Matt Fletcher
8 Rick Douglas Sue Madden

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