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2014 D4 Championship

2014 D4 Championship
April 29
16:04 2014

2014 SCIRA USA District 4 Championship

Atlanta Yacht Club

April 26-27, 2014


The Atlanta Yacht Club hosted the District 4 Championship on Lake Allatoona on April 26 & 27th. It was a perfect spring weekend in Georgia, but the winds were very light both days.

No matter how light the air, Hal Gilreath and Merrill Varn kept their boat moving ahead of the pack. They won both of the Saturday races and came in second in Sunday’s final race. These races required a patient focus, but Hal grew up at the Atlanta Yacht Club and learned to sail in Allatoona’s tricky wind. With this win, Hal has won the Championship six times, beginning with his first victory in 1997.

Tarasa Davis and crew Nancy Gilreath finished in second place, followed by David Muhlhausen and Marie Thompson in third, John and Leslie Irvine in fourth, and Johnny Fewell and Emily Gilreath in fifth. That’s right, one family earned three of the top five slots.

The races were long and slow, but it was a beautiful weekend, and as racers came off the dock Saturday, they were greeted by the steel drum band “Latitude Adjustment” and handed a cup of Tom Henderson’s special Rum concoction. Enjoying the outdoors, it was a good time to catch up with new and old friends in the District.



1          Hal Gilreath / Merrill Varn

2          Tarasa Davis / Nancy Gilreath

3          David Muhlhausen / Marie Thompson

4          John Irvine / Leslie Irvine

5          Johnny Fewell / Emily Gilreath

6          Michael Carlson / Lucy Spearman, Leif Carlson

7          Don Hackbarth / Connor Milam

8          Michael Papp / Jamie Yezzi

9          Clayton Dixon / Kayden Fair

10        Lee Bradley / Courtney Bradley

11        Orren Williams / Camila Gill

12        John Coolidge / GiGi Arias

13        Stephan Irgens / Monica Irgens

14        Chris McCaffrey / Carlyn Blauvelt

15        Larry Bull / Dalton Haralson

16        William Rogers / Lyn Haney

17        Orie Wade / Jeannie Wright


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