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2014 XLV Comodoro Rasco Regatta Report

2014 XLV Comodoro Rasco Regatta Report
February 04
18:30 2014

Coconut Grove Sailing Club

February 1-2, 2014


Miami, January 5, 2014. Report by Gonzalo “Old Man” Diaz, and full results.

20 Snipes competed for the 2014 (XLV Annual) Comodoro Rasco Snipe Regatta with Augie Diaz and Nikki Bruno in First Place,  Edgar Diminich and Juan J Ferreti, representing the Country of Ecuador, in Second place and Carol Cronin and Kim Couranz in third place.   The Aicardi Trophy was won by Lisa and Lexi Pline from Annapolis. We had a light day on Saturday with winds 6 to 8 kts from approximately 160 degrees and the Race Committee was able to run 3 very nice short regattas.  On Sunday we had a better winds 10 to 12 from 75 to 125 degrees and a new Race Committee also did a good job running 2 races in order to get a total of 5 races (no throw out).  In spite of not having a throw out race the fleet was a little aggressive and there was a general recall on Saturday and the around the end flag had to be used.

Worth mentioning is how good the “yuths”, as Peter Commette calls them, performed in this Regatta: Jensen McTighe with crew Paul Streater (tied in third place), Nick Voss with crew Nicole Popp, David Hernandez with Liam Munzenmaier.  And Andre Guaragna who won the last race.  We are so proud of these young fellows and crews (right Peter?)

We thank Coconut Grove Sailing Club for sponsoring this Snipe Regatta and for the very successful work by their Race Committees:  On Saturday. Signal boat “Fiji” with Captain operator owner Sean Connett, PRO Rick Klein with the help of Marvin Schenker, Veronic, Helen Schenker, Wendy, Susan Walcutt, Steve Smith, Conner Walcutt, George Bradley and Bob Gilmore. It looked like they could not get 3 races in, but, they did!!   On Sunday Signal boat operator and owner Will Pulsford, PRO Nancy Rogachenko with the help of George and Connie Bradley, Jim Wadron, Susan Walcutt, Theo Quenee, John Poulos, Saralee Lamb, Maria Elena Caldwell, Kay Voss and Marvin schenker.  We thank all these volunteer people who weather the heat and the rain so that we could have 5 races.

On Saturday Night we had the famous lasagna dinner by Carmen with the attendance of close to 50 people, sailors and race committee. As we have done before in previous years and always at the request of Peter Commette we ran the videotape that shows Comodoro Rasco on board his boat Shangri-La.  Several Snipe sailors from Cuba of the years 1945 and1950, Mantilla, Inclan, el Cheque, Gonzalo Melendez, etc. that participated in the Worlds and Western Hemispheres of that 1950 decade.  We had a great time!

On Sunday to finalize the regatta and after the trophy presentation we had the now very famous LA BOMBA.  We gave la Bomba to the first 3 places, skipper and crew and to Lisa Pline.  We had super fun singing LA BOMBA VA!  See you next year.  Gonzalo Diaz Sr.

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