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TSF Boats avail to SCIRA Members for MW’s and D

February 13
11:23 2012

The mission of the Traveling Snipe Fleet boats is to charter the boats to sailors new to the Snipe. We have 3 boats that are not being used by sailors new to the Snipe at the Mid Winters and 1 at the Don Q. Therefore we are making them available for charter to exising Snipe sailors. The charter fee will be $600 per event, including insurance. A $250 damage deposit will be required. While we do have sails it would be best that you bring your own sails. If you are interested please contact Don Hackbarth at

A $ 250 check to reserve a boat will be required. When you show up this reservation deposit will convert to your damage deposit which will be returned at the end of the event provided there is no damage to the equipment.


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