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Traveling Snipe Fleet visits Dallas

July 10
21:23 2011

Traveling Snipe Fleet in Dallas
May 30th, 2011.

The traveling Snipe fleet just wrapped a very successful week at the Corinthian Sailing Club in Dallas, Texas. The traveling fleet brought over two very nice Snipes for sailors to use in both the Centennial Regatta on May 21st and the Southwesterns, on May 28 and 29.

The first weekend, White Rock Boat Club, just down the road from the Corinthian Sailing Club, hosted the Centennial Regatta, to celebrate the 100th birthday of the lake. We had both traveling boats on racing that weekend, with Mike Wilson and Lisa Spitz sailing one boat, and traveling Snipe coach Austin Kana and Cameron Adams sailing the other. With 6 Snipes on the water and after 3 races, Mike Wilson was surprised at how technical the boat was and how much little adjustments on the boat can make big differences.

Throughout the week Austin Kana had planned to run clinics on three days ranging from beginner sailors to advanced racers, but the weather did not cooperate. One of the days was completely blown out due to winds in the upper twenties. This did not seem to bother some of the locals, however, as Austin helped out with setting up some of the older boats in the fleet that were sitting on davits. Throughout the week we had roughly 15 sailors come try out the Snipe who had never been on one before and everyone left with a smile on their face and a good time was had by all.

The 75th Southwestern Championship was a real blow, literally. On Saturday sailors were greeted by 25 knots with gusts into the low 30s, and after a short discussion, the fleet decided to postpone on shore until the wind subsided. Austin’s crew and Mike Wilson’s crew decided that the wind was a bit much for them, so Mike and Austin decided to team together for the event. After several postponements on shore, several sailors decided to take advantage of the winds, even if there were not going to be any sanctioned races. On Sunday the first start time was moved up to 8am and the fleet was ready to go out no matter how much wind there was. The wind was still in the upper teens to low twenties, but the fleet still went out. While almost everyone went out to start the first race, by the end of the third race almost half of the fleet had decided that it was best to head to shore. Despite the short sailing day, many sailors commented on how just that short time in the big breeze really boosted their confidence for sailing in high winds.

The trip was a complete success as Mike Wilson has since bought a boat of his own, and he and Lisa Spitz have made the trip up to Annapolis for the Colonial Cup and will be present at the Surf City regatta. The traveling show thanks the Corinthian Sailing Club and Cameron Adams and Cathy O’Neal for their wonderful hospitality for the entire week, and hopes that the excitement of the Snipe continues to grow.


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