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2011 Nationals-Crosby Day 2

July 27
14:09 2011

Day 2 of the Crosby was a wonderful day sailing on Lake Erie. An offshore breeze from the north blew at 8-10k for Race 1 and grew to approximately 14k for Race 2, allowing us to sail an Olympic course with some great reaches.

In Race 1 Hackbarth/Varn, starting at the Committee boat got a great shift to the right with strong velocity and developed a good lead for the next 4 legs but was overtaken finally on the last beat by Rodriguez and a small group of sailors who finally got a port tack lift on the left. Kamilar/Quintero were second. Hackbarth/Varn finished 5th.

Race 2 with the Olympic course and strong breeze favored the teams that can pole reach. Diaz/Tocke managed their first win. Rodriquez was 5th and Kamilar/Quintero took 3rd. Believe it or not this was their throw! So they won the Crosby with a 2, 1, 2. Diaz took 2nd on the tie breaker over Rodriguez.

The champ series starts today with winds of 7-8k from the southeast — a direction not sailed previously.


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