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2011 Nationals – Crosby Day 1

July 25
21:10 2011

Crosby day 1. Great lake sailing day at North Cape. Winds from 340 off north shore with great puffs and shifts. 34 boats sailing in one fleet. In Race 1, the left closer to the shore paid off on the first beat, and being hard left going closest to shore got you a good port tack lift coming to the mark. But occasionally those hard to the right caught a good puff and lift on starboard.

Pimental/Marsh took the first race with Kamilar/Quintero second. Kamilar took Race 2 and leads the series with 3 points. Cronin/Couranz, 2011 Womens Nationals champs, are in 2nd with 8 pts (3, 5). Augie Diaz and Kathleen Tocke are in 3rd with a 5, 6.

Crosby ends tomorrow with 2 more races. Weather is expected to be clear with wind of 10k


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