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UPDATE: The USA Snipe Class Traveling Snipe Fleet

June 13
21:22 2011


Don Hackbarth
USA Snipe Class Public Relations

Atlanta, GA
June 13, 2011

UPDATE – The USA Snipe Sailboat Class Traveling Snipe Fleet

The Traveling Snipe Fleet, being run by the USA Snipe Sailboat Class, is now one month old and is making a positive impact. Don Hackbarth, Fleet Administrator, explained that “the program involves a coach/Class Rep traveling the USA in a van with 3 boats, presenting the Snipe sailboat to people not previously exposed to the product. Clinics are held during the week to allow multiple people to ‘test drive’ and on the weekend the boats are made available to prospects for a regatta”. The Fleet started out in Miami in mid May with its shake down and introduction at the USA Masters Championship and then traveled to Dallas for several clinics and a regatta during the week leading up to the 75th Southwestern Snipe Championship hosted by Snipe Fleet # 1 on Memorial Day weekend. As an immediate result of this exposure one participant bought a Snipe and another decided to participate in the next major Snipe Regatta where the Traveling Snipe Fleet was heading, Annapolis and the Severn Sailing Association. Again several clinics were held and the boats were made available for use in the Colonial Cup Regatta. The results in Annapolis were encouraging also, with one father and son team looking to buy a boat and other teams planning follow up test drives. This past week the Fleet headed to Surf City NJ for an introduction clinic and a regatta.

Austin Kana, Fleet Coach and Class Rep reports “the boats are being used at capacity and the response of those exposed to the Snipe product and membership has been extremely positive”.

Lee Griffith, past Commodore of the Class and host for the Surf City Regatta, remarks that “my first impression is that this may be the best thing we have done for marketing and promotion of the class EVER.  I know that is a strong statement and it is premature, but so far so good.  Boats are full and full of the right people….young experienced sailors from other classes who are sailing the boat and going….Wow, this Snipe is pretty cool…..”

The Fleet will continue thru this summer working up the northeast coast and then heading west to the Midwest.

The Snipe sailboat is a hard chine, 2 person racing dingy designed in 1931. The Snipe’s durable design and construction results in hulls remaining competitive for extended periods of time. The Snipe is known for its adaptability to sail in all types of conditions and be effectively handled by sailors of all ages and size. Many Olympic sailors have sailed in Snipes to develop their dingy tuning and tactical skills. Many Snipe sailors and Snipe families have been in the Class for 50+ years. It is one of the oldest and largest International one design Classes. In the USA the Snipe Class has approximately 700 Members.”

For more info on the Traveling Snipe Fleet and the USA Snipe Sailboat Class please visit our web site at or contact Don Hackbarth at


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