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Boats/Housing Still Available Women’s Nationals

June 22
21:19 2011

With a little less than a month to the Snipe Women’s Nationals there are still boats available to charter and plenty of free housing. The Traveling Snipe Fleet will be coming to visit Jubilee and Fleet 554 in Beverly, MA. They bring late model boats and a good opportunity for sailors that want to be introduced to the class.

The organizers are hoping to draw new sailors into the Snipe Class.  As such, we asking all Snipe sailors  to reach out to any existing or possible female Snipe sailors. Let them know that they can participate.

Additionally the organizers are writing the sailing instructions to allow sailors to sail in the Gold or Silver fleets. These fleets will compete on separate courses and will be set up accommodate a national championship and a shorter course for Snipe novices and younger sailors.

If you want to attend this event, please email Shan McAdoo, r19slr *at*


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