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March 14
20:48 2011

The first leg of the Snipe Sailboat Class Winter Circuit got off to a great start with the 75th Anniversary sailing of the Midwinter Championship hosted by the Clearwater Yacht Club.
25 teams from 6 Snipe Class Nations are participating. 6 Junior and Young Adult teams are participating in the event in boats provided by Snipe boat owners and insured under the Class Charter Insurance program. With temps in the low 70’s and clear skies, 3 windward leeward races were sailed in a 8-10K sea breeze from the southwest. The fleet was quite aggressive and there were several general recalls, frequent use of the Z flag and numerous OCS’. Ernesto Rodriguez when asked what his thoughts were about day 1 said ‘ it was a tough day, the shifts were hard to see on the water and the chop on starboard was very hard to sail thru”. Augie Diaz said ‘”he hoped for headers on starboard a lot so he could tack over to port which was much easier to sail!” Henry Filter, sailing with his young son Christian, indicated day 1 was for them “ to dust off the rust” after a long winter in Annapolis.

Race 1 was won by Peter Commette, race 2 by Luis Soubie from Argentina and race 3 by Augie Diaz. Commette, Soubie, Mitch Hall and Birger Jansen were OCS in Race 3. When asked what he learned today Commette said “stay behind the starting line!”

At the end of the day Augie Diaz and Kathleen Tocke are in first with a 4,2,1, Andy Pimental is in second with a 3, 6, 5 and Ernesto Rodriguez and Megan Place are in third with a 10, 3, 2.

Weather is expected to remain the same for the next 2 days

Full results are on the CYC web site at

The Snipe sailboat is a hard chine, 2 person racing dingy designed in 1931. The Snipe’s durable design and construction results in hulls remaining competitive for extended periods of time. The Snipe is known for its adaptability to sail in all types of conditions and be effectively handled by sailors of all ages and size. Many Olympic sailors have sailed in Snipes to develop their dingy tuning and tactical skills. Many Snipe sailors and Snipe families have been in the Class for 50+ years. It is one of the oldest and largest International one design Classes. In the USA the Snipe Class has approximately 700 Members.”

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