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2010 Don Q Rum Keg Final

March 12
21:34 2010

Forty-seven Snipes came to the City of Miami and Biscayne Bay to race in the 44th Annual Don Q Rum Keg Snipe Regatta. The event is hosted by the Coconut Grove Sailing Club and Miami Snipe Fleet 7, and is sponsored annually by the Don Q Rum Destileria Serralles, Inc. This was a great international event with teams from Norway, Sweden, Finland, Italy, Brazil, Canada, Mexico and Puerto Rico.

On Friday, Snipers waited for over an hour for the breeze to kick in. The first race was started after one general recall with a prep flag start at 1331. The course was a Windward Leeward course with a downwind finish. The breeze was at 5.8 kts from 325 degrees. As the breeze increased and changed direction we increased the second windward leg and signaled a change to starboard as the breeze was now at 0 degrees. The breeze stayed constant from 0 degrees until the last 8 boats were finishing when it shifted to 160 degrees sending those few boats on a beat to a downwind finish. Henry and Christian Filter won race 1. The right side paid off big and Ernesto Rodriguez had a good lead only to be run down by the Filters at the downwind finish in a dying breeze. The second race was started at 14:54 under better conditions as the wind was now at 9.7 kts from 160 degrees. The course was once again a course W with a downwind finish. As the winds continued increasing the second weather leg was increased to 1.0 nm providing for some additional great sailing. Ernesto Rodriguez won race 2.

Saturday started with a light breeze of 8kts from 120 degrees and a slightly more aggressive fleet. The first attempt to start race three resulted in a general recall. The restart was a Z Flag start with no boats receiving penalties. The course was a course W. The wind, which remained at 120 degrees, decreased to 6 kts which resulted in the shortening of the leg from 1 nm to .8 nm. Race four was a Windward Leeward course with a downwind finish. The breeze was now at 140 degrees however the first attempt to start resulted in a general recall and Z flag penalties to various competitors. The second attempt was successful despite a few OCS. The legs were set at 1 nm. Brian Kamilar and Enrique Quintero did a great job and won both races.

Race 5 on Sunday started in a brisk 16kts of breeze from 155 degrees. The fleet was sent on an Olympic course with 1.20 nm legs. The breeze dissipated to 9 kts resulting in a shortening of the windward leg to .9nm. Further decreases in the breeze resulted in the shortening of the downwind leg to .6 nm. As the breeze continued to decrease the last upwind leg was reduced to .5nm. The race was finished within the time limit with 7 minutes to spare however an error in the signaling of a course change at the weather mark resulted in a request for redress which outcome was the throwing out of the 5th race by the judges’ panel. It was unfortunate since the Race Committee did a stellar job in changing marks during the races and setting courses and monitoring starts all regatta. That is sailboat racing!

Many thanks to Coconut Grove Sailing Club and the volunteers in Race Committee: PRO and Scorer Jaime Ramon, the Signal boat for the regatta was the S/V Otra Cuba Libre owned by Marc Buller who was also our gunner. The Mark boat on Friday was manned by Susan Walcutt and Barry Simons while on Saturday and Sunday it was manned by Brian Fink (owner), Laura Fink and Susan Walcutt. The Pin boat was manned throughout the regatta by Ron Rostorfer, together with Frank Jansen who was accompanied by Jim Waldron on Saturday and Geoff Sutcliff on Sunday. On the Signal boat we had Dottie Rostorfer as scribe; Liz Balbin on flags as well as scribe; Marvin Schenker and Jo Ann Mathieu as timers; Paco Calvet and Kit Temple on flags; Brainard Cooper as the class representative. The Protest Committee was comprised of Jere Woltz, USS Senior Judge, Elliot Levy, International Judge, and Jane Ann Pincus, US Sailing Judge, SCIRA rep Brainard Cooper, Regatta Chair Old Man Diaz, Entertainment Carmen Diaz and her team, and Club management and many others.

Biscayne Bay is one of the greatest places to race small sailboats. The competition at this event is outstanding. Come and sail the Don Q next year and join the fun.

1 30473 Ernesto Rodriguez/Mary Hall USA
2 30741 Peter M. Commette/Taylor Scheuermann USA
3 25715 Jorge Murrieta/Alejandro Murrieta MEX
4 30269 Enrico Solerio/Sergio Simonetti ITA
5 30288 Augie Diaz/Kathleen Tocke USA
6 28810 Brian Kamilar/Enrique Quintero USA
7 30552 Henry C. Filter/Christian R. Filter USA
8 30860 Carol Cronin/Kim Couranz USA
9 30338 Raul A. Rios/Francisco J. Medina PUR
10 29222 Michael V. Danish/Jason Hill USA
11 30737 Jesus Rodriguez/Megan Place PUR
12 30391 Eric Reinke/Bridget Creney USA
13 30551 Don Hackbarth/Bruno Mello USA
14 30855 Andrew J. Pimental/Julia Marsh USA
15 29 Gianpiero Poggi/Eugenia Vanni ITA
16 2881 Axel Sly/Max N. Kohrman USA
17 30506 Marco Texidor/Gabriel Ramos PUR
18 29572 Charlie Bustamante/Michele Bustamante USA
19 30840 Birger Jansen/Kari Lee Lockert NOR
20 30337 Eric Heim/Mike Papp USA
21 3028 Krysia V. Pohl/Dorian Goldberg USA/PUR
22 30768 Mich Hall/Hillary Noble USA
23 29602 Doug C. Broeker/Melanie I. Broeker USA
24 30281 Bibi Juetz/Matheus Goncalves BRA
25 30743 Gregory Saldana/Bill Schoenberg USA
26 30089 Andrew Klein/Michelle Morphew USA
27 30697 Tobias Chroneer/Charlotta Chroneer SWE
28 30477 Gene Soltero/Catherine Holt USA
29 30107 Andrew E. Jones/Calnan P. Kim USA
30 30404 Lee Griffith/Morgan Commette USA
31 30336 Gonzalo Diaz Sr./Lisa Tansey USA
32 30765 Ernesto Sanchez/Jossie Tucci Willians USA
33 30222 Alberto Perdisa/Filiberto Perdisa ITA
34 30502 Hanna-Leena Lehtinen/Juha Lehtinen FIN
35 29965 Claus Carpelan/Freddy Wegelius FIN
36 30009 Paolo Lambertenghi/Giovanni Stella ITA
37 30571 Sharon Johnson/Connie Commette USA
38 28780 Kyle Dakin/Francisco A. Perez CAN
39 3036 Rafael Jarauta/Katrina Washburn USA
40 30500 Brian Hetherington/Adrienne Korkosz USA
41 29568 Filippo Perdisa/Francesca Perdisa ITA
42 29673 Halvor Poulsson/Edel Poulsson NOR
43 29369 Tom Henderson/Pete Gregory USA
44 29782 Gabriel Porzecanski/Diana Cabili USA
45 29204 Ulises Martinez/Eddie A. Sanchez USA
46 24124 Rick Bensyl/Bob Panza USA
47 29963 Steve Lang/Triaten Vail USA


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