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July 01
19:30 2009

At the SCIRA USA Board Meeting held at the site of the National Championship Regatta the Board reviewed, discussed and approved the following matters;

1. Established the Board Member Nominating Committee for 2009 and 2010 consisting of Gavin O’hare and Tom Henderson
2. Received the recommendation of the Nominating Committee and approved Gene Soltero as Vice National Secretary. Thank you Gene for offering to serve!
3 Approved the bid from the Annapolis Snipe Fleet to host the 2010 nationals at the Severn Sailing Association August 13-20, 2010
4. Received the recommendation of the Nationals Regatta Growth Committee and approved those recoomendations which are as follows;
a. if 52 or more boats are registered the fleet, after the Crosby, will be split into the Heinzerling Championship Serices and the Wells Consolation Series. The top 32 finishers in the Crosby will qualify for the Heinzerling. The finishing places in the Crosby for those going into the Heinzerling will be included as one race in the Heinzerling and that race is discardable.
b. If less than 52 teams are registered the Wells will not be sailed and all competitors will sail in the Heinzerling with their finishing place inthe Crosby carried forward as one race in the Heinzerling. That race is discardable.
c. District Champions will automatically qualify for the Heinzerling. If a District Champion is not in the top 32 finishers in the Crosby they will be in addition to the top 32 finishers in the Crosby.
d. The Wells, if held, will be open with minimal measuring
e. The measurement for the Crosby competitors will be limited to one day
f. the rotation for venues for the Nationals will be East Coast, Middle America, East Coast, Middle America, West Coast.
5. Venues are needed for the 2010 USA Masters, USA Women’s nationals and the 2010 Women’s World Championships
6. As of 1/09 SCIRA adopted the ISAF Low Point scoring system and discontinued the use of the SCIRA Low Point scoring system
7. The Board thanked John Buckley for his 5 years of dedicated service developing, publishing and acting as Chief Editor for the US Snipe Sailor. With his leadership the magazine has become regared as one of the finest one-design publications in the USA. John will be retiring at the end of the year, at least from the role as Chief Editor. The Board is looking for a new volunteer to serve as Chief Editor as well as an additional person to serve on the Editorial Board.


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