Snipe USA

2009 Don Q Rum Keg

March 14
21:31 2009

The best news of the final day at the Don Q

At the time the fleet leaders were approaching the 2nd leward mark rounding they were greeted by a fleet of fireboats, a marine ambulance, police boats and a police tow boat under full steam. It turns out that a 40 ft cruising sailboat on auto pilot hit the anchored Committee Boat amid ships knocking down the Committee Members, nearly turning the boat over and putting a hole in the RC Boat. One RC Team Member was injured and taken to the hospital. The Fleet finished the last leg of race 1 not knowing what was going on and then returned to port for the day.We believe the lady is OK but she has a heart condition and was certainly shaken up by the incident. 2 races are planned tomorrow starting at 10 AM.


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