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Take the Nationals Improvement Survey today

December 10
18:59 2008

WE NEED YOU!………Help us improve the Snipe Nationals

Hopefully by now you are all aware of the work being done by the Snipe Nationals improvement committee who have been tasked by the Snipe US board to boost participation. We are a little behind our original time line but we’re working hard and sailing from behind to catch back up to our schedule.

Never been to a Snipe Nationals before? We want to hear from you why not and figure out how to help you and your family get there.

Are you a Nationals veteran? We want to hear what you like and what you don’t like and where you think we should be headed.

Whether you’re new to the class, a local fleet sailor, or international veteran we care what you think! Help us make this Class better.

Take the survey by cutting and pasting the link below.

call or email your District Governor if you would prefer take the survey as PDF or receive a hard copy by mail


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