Snipe USA

George Szabo and Alan Capellin Lead Don Q

March 17
10:35 2007

47 Snipe Teams are sailing the 2007 Don Q Rum Keg Snipe Regatta on Biscayne Bay. The event is being hosted by the Coconut Grove Sailing Club. Wind conditions have ranged from the mid to upper teens on Friday to 8-10K from the Northwest (shifty and significant velocity changes across the course) on Saturday. George Sazbo and Alan Capellin lead the event after 4 races with Augie Diaz and Pam Kelly in 2nd. One of the great developments at the event was the win by the new team from Mexico in race 1. Snipe sailors from Finland, Sweden, Norway, Bahamas and Mexico are participating. One race will be sailed on Sunday morning.

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